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Shenango Valley YMCA Silver Sneakers

What is the Silver Sneakers Fitness Program?

The Silver Sneakers Fitness Program is offered in partnership with select health plans at no additional cost to Medicare-eligible members. Each member is entitled to a basic membership at a Silver Sneakers fitness center. The basic membership includes the Silver Sneakers Classes, other classes on your fitness center's schedule, guidance from qualified staff instructors and Senior Advisors, social activities, and the use of the fitness center and other amenities.

The Silver Sneakers Classes offer multi-level equipment based strength and conditioning exercises designed for Medicare-eligible individuals. The classes are easy on your joints and appropriate for individuals who exercise regularly as well as those new to exercise or who may not have exercised in years. The exercises are designed to improve your strength, flexibility and the ability to perform functional activities such as getting out of your car or lifting your grandchildren! The classes are offered at lest two times per week and taught by caring, accredited instructors.

It is never too late to start exercising! You can do this!

Join our Silver Sneakers group today!

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