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Shenango Valley YMCA After School Programs

Children deserve more then just babysitting from their after school program, they deserve excitement and adventure while building a healthy spirit, mind and body. That is exactly what the YMCA provides. We actively engage children in fun programs, physical recreation, and activities that emphasize mental and character development. Our YMCA after school programs also provide a time and a place for helping children complete homework, express their creativity, and show self expression through drama, music, art and crafts.

In today's challenging and complex world, children need reinforcement of positive values. YMCA before and after school programs take character development seriously by incorporating the values of caring, honesty, faith, community development, respect, and responsibility . Through consistent teaching, modeling, reinforcement, and practice, staff help children demonstrate and accept positive values.

Building strong bodies is a part of the YMCA history. Strong bodies live longer. Young bodies develop better when health and physical activity are a regular part of their daily life.

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